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Community Projects

DCDC has ambitious dreams. Our priorities revolve around developing the High Street, transport, business services, events and the environment. We also prioritise our heritage, promotion of the town and our community spirit. The following projects are our current focus. We welcome suggestions at any time from the membership for new initiatives which would benefit the Dingwall community and fit with the company's range of charitable objectives.

Dingwall Heritage Trail

At present, our lead project is to develop a Dingwall Heritage Trail, based on setting up a series of information boards at key historical sites around the town and linking them into a fully accessible pedestrian trail using existing roads and footpaths. Planning permission and funding applications to make this a reality have been submitted (autumn 2021), so watch this space for updates.

While it is hoped to secure most of the funding for this, local community involvement and support will be central to the Trail's success. We are looking for volunteers, please contact us for more information.

Town House and Hall Redevelopment

We continue to believe that the single most effective means of rejuvenating the High Street would be to undertake a major redevelopment of the Town Hall/Town House/Museum complex, with the main entrance reopened on to the High Street itself. This would obviously be a long-term and highly expensive project, so in the meantime we are monitoring with interest the potential impact of other developments in these buildings, such as the installation of a Newton Room to encourage young people to take up science, technology and engineering careers.

Community Awards Scheme

We would like to hold a celebratory event of this kind, to recognise initiatives benefitting the community, although COVID-19 has delayed our plans for now.