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Dingwall Community Development Company

Pefferside Park in Dingwall

Dingwall is fortunate in having a number of very active voluntary organisations and individuals who are dedicated to making the town an attractive and welcoming place.  Dingwall Community Development Company works alongside them with a distinctive role - to use its charitable status to unlock funding for capital projects, making a significant difference in raising Dingwall’s profile and building civic pride.  

DCDC was formally established in August 2017 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. 

We are a group of locals passionate about our community and shared heritage, who want to help Dingwall grow and thrive.  

The Board typically meets on a monthly basis to review progress with plans and projects. It is a membership organisation, with currently some 50 members and seven directors on the board.

View to Dingwall from Black Isle

Our Directors:

  • Janet Bowen, Chair
  • Nigel Greenwood, Treasurer
  • Robin Lingard, Secretary
  • Samantha Blyth
  • Hazel Gordon
  • Jonathan McColl

Membership is free and open to anyone.  Members who live within the catchment area of Dingwall Academy have the added advantage of being able to vote Directors to the Board.